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ok grey    is ultra slim and very strong protection!
ok grey    design holds unlimited possibilites! - Ultra Strong Tablet Case


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The Ultra Strong Tablet Cover -You could disCover!

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 Lab story

TFixcase - Introduction

When I bought a tablet for my child, I have encountered a typical problem while searching for a suitable cover.
Some examples were: 
- poor materials
- limited design choices
- awkward keyboard solutions
- few stable positions
- etc...
I couldn't find one, that lived up to my expectations.
So I decided to plan a brand new solution for the problem.
I found some enthusiastic experts, and we created the TFix team. 
Today my child's case is the coolest of them all in the school. 
If you'd like one too, please leave a positive vote
Our mission is make the TFix real. 
Thank you for your time!
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 Lab design

 TFixcase - Design

ok green The TFix case design holds unlimited possibilities.

ok green This tablet cover encases your device as you never saw it before.

ok green You can pick and choose the color of all the cover parts.

ok green You can paint it yourself, or order your favorites ready.

Click or tap on selected picture to enlarge it:

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Lab tech

TFixcase - Technology

ok blue The TFix tablet cover is Ultra slim and strong.

ok blue The tablet cover is made of metal, plastic and some magnetic parts.

ok blue The total weight is between 290 and 350 g, for 9,7in. tablets. It depends on the plate used.

ok blue The tablet cover plates can be 1,2 to 2 mm thick and made from 2 types of metal alloys.

ok blue The TFix can protect your device from more than 300kg load. (In case of full surface load)

ok blue It can be fitted for any tablet.

ok blue The TFix will cost around $35-50 only.

You will even be able to purchase the plastic parts and the tablet cover plates separately, so if your new tablet is of a different size, you will only have to replace the cover plate, and the legs.

This will let you replace any parts that got damaged (probably not). 

You can even change their color or texture if you want something fresh or new.

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Lab video new

TFixcase - Video

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Lab future new

TFixcase - Future

We would like to develop further the TFix tablet cover, and equip it with an ultra thin (<1mm) touch sensitive Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad. With this, the TFix will be the strongest and thinnest tablet case on the world containing a keyboard.

We also hope to add a solar panel to the back of the TFix, so you’ll never have to worry about keeping a charger around ever again.

Tfix extras smal
Click or tap to enlarge some cool optional parts Click or tap to enlarge the solar picture


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Lab about

The TFixcase Team

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Zoltan projectBoss

< Zoltán

original idea
project manager

Janos engineer

 < János

tool design


< Petra



Márk >



Mark constructor

 Zsófi >


 Zsofia design

             Zoltán >


Zoltan webtech   

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The Ultra Strong Tablet Cover - You could disCover!

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